The 9 Streets

The 9 Streets is quintessential canal living in Amsterdam. In reality just 9 streets connecting the main canals to the west, there is such variety and splendours they have become a nationally renowned area in their own right.

The finest couture and chic will come at a price, sometimes a stunning price. That’s 125 Euros for a stool. An old stool. With chipped paint and rust. And it looks uncomfortable.

Some of the best restaurants delight in The 9 Streets, like Pancakes! Amsterdam

and De Struisvogel:

There’s also quaint lunch cafe Toos & Roos on the edge of the area:

Exquisite coffee shops, like Kaldi

There are some shops in De 9 Straatjes that are best described as ‘unique’. Such as the Men’s Sock shop:

And the oral hygiene shop:

You know where you are at Christmas time too:


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