Like a fairy tale town, it’s a wonder Luxembourg is not more renowned and bustling with tourists.


The misty, damp weather suited the city.




Hailing from the U.K, I thought I understood the character of a rainy place.

Red Shoes has obviosuly reached that level of saturation which leads one to philosophize: “Fuck it; I can’t get any wetter”, as the pneumonia sets in.

But Amsterdam lies to the east of miles upon miles of unbroken North Sea and enjoys a westerly prevailing wind.


This makes the weather highly variable; one would be wise to take an unbrella out for the day even with the bluest of skies above. Within half an hour the weather can, and often does, switch from nice to downpour and back again.

Tourist boat having a grand old time

The Dutch haveĀ a great word for this: wolkbreuk; literrally ‘cloud burst’.