Text Art Book Posters

Stumbled upon these gems-


A beautiful series of text art on Etsy.













Hailing from the U.K, I thought I understood the character of a rainy place.

Red Shoes has obviosuly reached that level of saturation which leads one to philosophize: “Fuck it; I can’t get any wetter”, as the pneumonia sets in.

But Amsterdam lies to the east of miles upon miles of unbroken North Sea and enjoys a westerly prevailing wind.


This makes the weather highly variable; one would be wise to take an unbrella out for the day even with the bluest of skies above. Within half an hour the weather can, and often does, switch from nice to downpour and back again.

Tourist boat having a grand old time

The Dutch have a great word for this: wolkbreuk; literrally ‘cloud burst’.

The 22nd Best Café in the Netherlands: Café Koops

Every year Misset Horeca publish the top 100 café/bars in the Netherlands. There is no obvious criteria and the rankings change wildly between years. 2013 sees Café Koops, Haarlem, in 22nd place.


An Art Deco frontage belies the much older, much more worn interior. If you are lucky enough to get outdoor seating, you can enjoy a good view of Haarlem’s historic centre and striking church.


I can think of 21 bars better than this place in Amsterdam alone, but that reflects more an embarrassment of riches than insults Café Koops. It is certainly in Haarlem’s elite clutch of bars and the warm soup in the window is hard to pass up on a windy, rainy Dutch day.


Are Euthanasia and DNR the same thing?


In a previous post, I discussed Santorum’s questionable interpretation of Dutch culture. That is, his unashamed fabrication of data intended to villanize the liberal Dutch, thus appealing to his voters.

The above link is an msnbc clip that, although still shackled by an oppressive need to remain politically objective during an election season, is a nice rebuttal. They even interview a Dutch person for authenticity (take note Santorum).

Viewing the USA from the outside, it would be easy to think they are a collective of gullible, extreme characters, who agree with their politicians. I’m sure, however, this is simply a media bias, and that most United Stations think Santorum is a bit of a dick. I can empathise too; the UK is run by a fish with a condom stretched over his head, and in no way do his views represent the public at large.

On a side note, and as the title suggests, how far away is a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNR) order from euthanasia? Both are contractual agreements between a patient and medical professionals where, in desperately terminal conditions, this patient is allowed to die. The rest is just spin.

Canals and euthanasia: probably not the same thing.


I’m not entirely sure Santorum knows what euthanasia is…

This blog is not ordinarily a political platform, but I just couldn’t let this one slip. This one minute video will get you up to speed:


If by ‘euthanasia’, Rick means unfortunate, but inevitable, situations whereby old and/or very sick people go to hospital and, despite the best medical efforts, sadly pass away, then yes, sure, 10% of Dutch people are ‘euthanised’. But, like the rest of us, you will probably, actually, refer to this as ‘death’.

The official percentage of euthanised deaths in The Netherlands is 2.3%, more than 80% of which are terminally ill cancer patients. And these statistics come from the actual medical data, seen here, not the ‘Louisiana Right to Life Federation’. I don’t think I need to highlight the potential bias in their motives. What I will highlight is their ‘source‘. It seems, after a labourious 1 minute of back tracing, Righteous Rick has dropped a clanger.

And ‘Don’t Euthanise Me’ bracelets? I doubt all the old people could get them on for all the shaking in fear of a visit to the merchants of death. That’s probably why they don’t wear them. Or exist.

Old people in The Netherlands suffer an aweful retirement; forced to sit, carefully, in their injury-proof, sterilized houses, trying their best not to hurt themselves, so as to avoid a trip to the hospital, where they will be forced to play euthanasia roulette. Their children, however, are very attentive to the health of their elders; they sit around watching their ailing parents, willing a cough or a trip, so that they can take them to the hospital and spin a few balls on inheritence roulette.

For more outlandish misrespresentations of basic statistics on the Netherlands, see this previous post.