Like most cities in Europe, the centre is seldom frequented by locals and often used as the benchmark upon which to judge and appraise the entire city by critical visitors.

The Amstel

Most people arrive in Amsterdam by train and are funneled down the Damrak where they are shamelessly offered squalid hotels, poor bars, international cuisine (think ‘Kebab Factory’) and neon coffee shops by entrepreneurs taking advantage of the geography of the city.

The Damrak to the right, before the Amstel runs into Dam Square.

This brazen offense to the senses terminates in Dam Square: this is where Amsterdam derives its name; the Amstel river was dammed on this very site and is amongst the most overrated attractions in the world.

Dam Square

Amongst the cannabis Easy-jetters and gentlemen celebrating their friends upcoming marriage with prostitutes, there are some truly spectacular vistas.

Highlights include cocktails at Dantes

Pie at Pieminister

New King in Chinatown

Sensational views at Sky Lounge

And of course, more canals.


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