Callum: I guess it’s my fault we are here; I took a doctoral position at one of the institutions in Amsterdam. I have always longed to move abroad for a period, anywhere really. I didn’t put a pin on a map or pluck Amsterdam from a hat, it was more a case of peppering the internet with my CV and hoping, dreaming it would snag a job somewhere, anywhere. As it turns out, it turned out rather well.

When I grow up, I hope to have finally, just once, finished a ‘to do’ list. I like British cheese, novels with old sleeves, maps, watching the rain from inside, and sleeping. I dislike slow-moving people on narrow streets and, worse, people choosing narrow and busy thoroughfares to stop and exchange what is likely a banal collection of pleasantries; if they were actually friends or close acquaintances, they would be having their conversation somewhere else, like on a bench, or in a quiet place.

Laura: I am the better half, who moved here to make sure Callum gets up for work in the morning. Hailing from the premier seaside resort south of Berrow and north of Bridgwater, moving to Amsterdam was a sacrifice but one I was prepared to make. I now teach the wonderful puzzle that is English to children and adults alike and am learning Dutch myself, although painfully slowly. My two favourite hobbies are reading and eating, although I dislike it when people spill food on books. I have a fear of large (and medium-sized) bodies of water, which does seem a tad bizarre given the amount of water literally floating around Amsterdam. One of my main ambitions in life is to meet Simon Pegg. How’s that for a slice of fried gold?


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  1. Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading and following your blog. Always fun, interesting and entertaining! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, check out my post at funandfabulousness.com for details!
    Take care,

  2. Thanks for stopping by my virtual place! Really nice blog you have, and I second your café recommendations! Ahh Simon Pegg…Spaced is one of my go-to series on a grey Sunday.

  3. Thank you for liking by blog on Chinese food in Sydney. There sure are a log of good Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam. Hope you are discovering them. Do drop by again.

  4. You got me at Amsterdam and continued with food, books, quirkiness and I just notice Roald Dahl. My uncle lives in Cannington, a small village not far from Bridgwater – we were recently there for his second marriage at 82 years of old. My wife alternates between teaching young children (currently) and English to adults. I like both bodies of water and rain, but live in Dubai. Thanks for liking, I hope you will keep looking – I intend to pop back here from time to time.

  5. so many nice photos of amsterdam, thank you for sharing. was looking for a blog like this one, i studied 6 months in amsterdam last year and immediately fell in love with this city. miss it a lot!

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  7. I will start following your blog as I live in Amsterdam and it is always nice to see what you up to in town. Thanks for popping by my blog and welcome!

  8. Love this blog!

    My boyfriend and I would love to move to Amsterdam in 2013 and we are trying our best to make it happen! When I first moved from Rome to London, I had to actually choose between London and Amsterdam and at that time I chose London. It has been fantastic, but after six years it is now time to review that decision and choose something else!

    It is nice to seeing you guys exploring the city as well!

    Thank you for liking my post!

  9. Hi…If I hear about Amsterdam, I remember a family member who is living there in the past 10 or so years.I missed seeing this place when I went to Duisburg(Germany) in 2007.Anyhow thank you for following my blog…

  10. Amsterdam is one of the most interesting and dynamic European cities I’ve been to. Hoping to get the chance to visit it again soon. Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  11. Thank you for taking a look at my post about the Gerrie Knetemann Classic. I miss the Netherlands. Your blog isn’t helping 🙂

    I hadn’t thought about the Dutch predilection for fried food until I read your bitterballen post. You are right. Almost as bad as being in Houston!

    Best wishes,

  12. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I am very intrigued by yours, as i too would love to work abroad, but especially in Amsterdam. I have visited the city twice and it still has me captivated to go back for more. Looking forward to read more about your experiences! x

  13. Thanks for following my blog, i really enjoy following and reading yours, it seems, even though i’m native to Amsterdam, expats always seem to find interesting places to visit.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve only being to Amsterdam once and looks like your blog would have some great recommendations to refer to the next time I take the train up north!

  15. Hi guys, first of all I just wanted to say thanks for liking my blog post. Secondly your blog is very inspiring, being about Amsterdam and all, as my blog is, at the moment, mainly about Amsterdam too. I look forward to reading more of your blog and adventures in Amsterdam.

  16. Hey Callum & Laura… very happy that u liked my post … Netherlands is a place I have fallen in love…. everything about it is exciting & a home-like feeling.

  17. This blog is amazing! … I’ll be heading to Europe and never thought of heading Amsterdam but you have both inspired me! Great posts and beautiful photos 🙂

  18. Thanks for stopping by Mid-Life OE and liking my Amsterdam post. Our host while we were there, Han, is a now retired PhD Historian and his knowledge of Amsterdam in particular and The Netherlands in general is second to none. He recently published a book, in Dutch sadly for me, about a Dutch intelligence agent in WWII. The title is “Lodo” if you are interested and the author’s full name is Han Korting. He and his wife are the most wonderful people I have spent time with for years.

  19. I loved Amsterdam and would move back in an instant (although I lived down in the Bijlmer). Looking forward to settling into this blog for a nice long read.

  20. Dear Callum, Laura, I am working on a book on historical and new breweries of Amsterdam and on Beercafés. I have seen some very nice pictures on your blog and downloaded them.
    Is there a possibility I could use them and what are the conditions?
    I hope to hear, Pim

    • Hello Pim.
      Yes, of course you can use them, help yourself. It would be great if you could credit each photo to myself: Callum Berridge. And let us know when the book is published so we can get a copy!
      Out of curiosity, which photos have you chosen?

      • Hello Callum,
        thank you very much. The book will be presented 25 october, 17.00 hours in the Beurs van Berlage, Bockbierfestival. You can take a free copy there or otherwise I can send it later and have contact about your address. I’ll take care of the right credits.
        I am considering pictures of Old Nickel, Gollem and maybe another one.
        Thank you again, Pim van Schaik

  21. i’m planning on doing a university exchange semester in Amsterdam next year, so i’ve loved checking out your blog. It’s got me really excited! As an exchange student you can stay in residences all in and around the city, any tips on cool neighbourhoods to request as a Canadian university student looking to explore and take advantage of the city?

  22. Glad to find your blog! As a Belgium beer fan (Gulden Draak / Van Steenburge FAVE) I’m especially interested in your posts on beer. A Merry 12 Days of Christmas & a Happy New Year! Cheers!

  23. Hey, just wanted to let you know that ithinkthereforeiamsterdam is in the Top 150 blogs shared on Hopper (out of more than 50,000!)

    Hopper is a travel site that curates and organizes the best travel, local and food-related blog content by destination and attraction. For example, you can see several of your posts are featured on Hopper’s Amsterdam page: http://www.hopper.com/place/1zUH/amsterdam-north-holland/search

    I’d love to get your feedback about how your blog is being featured… feel free to ping me back via email!

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