I suck at being an adult

*Sigh* Being an adult is hard. You need to make decisions, get work done and generally not rely on other people if you want anything to happen. Kids do not know how good they have it.

This evening I had every intention of being a proper, fully functioning adult and made a plan of my evening activities in my head:

  1. Food shopping
  2. Clear up kitchen
  3. Lesson planning
  4. Make dinner
  5. Eat said dinner with one glass of wine
  6. Indulge in dessert only if hungry

15 minutes after I got home this evening, the wine was open, I had only done a third of the dishes and I was spooning chocolate pudding in my face.

Ahh, well, screw it. I’m an ADULT I can do whatever I want, that’s the point of being a grown up, isn’t it??

If you like the pictures, please click on them; they should take you to Hyperbole and a half, which is a very amusing blog and articulates these issues better than I can.

Oh dear, my wine glass appears to be empty…


2 thoughts on “I suck at being an adult

  1. Oh, I hear you! On far too many occasions lately, I have been through these feelings of “being an adult is HARD”…and I too have resorted to just doing whatever the hell I want! Sometimes, as much as I love children, I do get an envious feeling when I think of them, and, as you said, how good they have it. But you’ve got this, because chocolate pudding (oh, all kind of chocolate) and wine makes it all better. And we all suck at being adults sometimes 😉 in fact, I sometimes feel like we’re all still kids…just pretending to be adults – perhaps this explains it all?! Anyway – Happy Friday, and fill up that wine glass again x

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