Eating vs. Heating

One of the things which makes me ashamed of the country I’m from.


I am rather angry today. I will explain why.

First, google the question “Where does the UK rank on list of richest countries?”. According to GDP, the United Kingdom ranks as 21st in the world.

Next, google “How many children live in poverty in the UK?” Depending on your source, you will encounter figures from 3 – 4 million.

Lastly, explain to me how the hell this is possible. HOW can we have so much money and have so many people living in poverty? Why is this still socially accepted? Why are we blind to such massive social injustices?!

A large part of the problem still lies in how the government and parts of the media portray those in poverty and how they stigmatised. But I have noticed a slight problem with the pictures that are painted.

We are told that there are millions upon millions…

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