Royal Artis Zoo – again

If you’re a loyal reader of this blog then you may remember that we covered the Royal Artis Zoo in Amsterdam quite a few months ago. However, as we all know, animals never give the same show twice and as my mum was over for a visit (her first!) we decided to spend a very sunny afternoon at the zoo.

I’d heard a story from someone else about the lions killing and eating a heron that dared to enter their enclosure. And this visit, I experienced it first hand.


As we approached the lion enclosure we heard a loud squawk and then saw a female lion pouncing on something and roar the other lions away. A quick bite and shake later, and it was bye-bye birdy. As you can see from the picture above, the lion got stuck in straight away. Sadly, the bird’s mate stayed around afterwards, watching the scene out of reach on the top of some trees.


One of the many other, surviving herons which stalk the zoo. I expect the keepers don’t mind when the lions take a swipe at them – population control and all that. (Note: this heron isn’t the one who kept watch from the tree tops.)

The other herons had their own feeding time and continued the work of the food chain. Here they are hanging around, waiting to pounce while the penguins were fed:


Here are some other good shots from the day, including two of the elephants – my favourites. The baby is called Mumba. So adorable.

SAM_0191 SAM_0232

The gardens there are still in bloom, making it a beautiful place to simply sit and relax.


Lastly, another of my favourites – the prairie dog. So funny, especially when they make their high-pitched squeak, as it sets the others off. As you can see in the photo below, they’re not really dogs, they’re rodents.


I want one.


2 thoughts on “Royal Artis Zoo – again

  1. Great shots! I love the one of the herons waiting to pounce on the penguins food…I saw a prairie dog in a zoo in South Africa, although I think they had a different name for it. They are super cute though aren’t they.

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