Café Katoen


Arriving in Amsterdam by train usually precedes a walk down the Damrak into the centre. Much of this walk is saddled with crap bars, dirty hotels and deep-fried fast food. At the bottom, near the Rokin and Rembrandtplein, one can seek refuge in Café Katoen. It is a blissfully unassuming bar that doesn’t try too hard to be ‘brown’ or hip; where regulars of all walks meet and strangers chat freely.


Venue: 6/10

Not extraordinary by any means, it definitely achieves of a decor of indifference, rather than a try-hard ‘rustic’ feel attempted, and missed, by many London bars.

Beer: 5/10

They don’t try to be a beer-centric bar, but they are not ignorant either and prove this by taking supplies from the excellent Brouwerij’t Ij down the road. Overall, a sorry miss from Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers.


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