Greetins vrum Zummerzet

If anyone ever has the ‘So where are you from in England?’ conversation with me, they will know that I can be pretty disparaging about my hometown. Ask me about Bristol, where I studied and lived before moving to the Netherlands, and you will have a face full of wide-smile enthusiasm. But my hometown? Eh, not so much. Generally I avoid telling foreigners where I’m from, in case they Google it (other search engines are available).


Perhaps I was feeling a little guilty or trying to gain a little perspective* but when I went home this week for a few days, I took my camera and went on a sunshine stroll to take some positive photos of Burnham and Highbridge. I think I did quite well. Click through the gallery below and see what you think.

*People who use the phrase “FML” when they spill their Starbucks or drop their iPhone could do with a little perspective. You know who you are.


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