Café de Engelbewaarder

Café de Engelbewaarder is the place for Sunday afternoon action. Amsterdam can be a bit quiet and drained by Sunday, so heed this recommendation. Often, there is live jazz playing.

The venue is ill-equipped for crowds, in truth, but this won’t deter them; expect to experience the Dutch’s interpretation of personal space and crowd etiquette.


The beers are well-kept and and mainly popular without being mainstream. There always seems to be a few wild cards to keep the regulars interested too.


Venue: 6/10

Great if you can get a window seat overlooking the canal, but otherwise cramped and not ideal for watching musicians.

Beer: 7/10

Whilst no one is claiming the selection is extensive, it is obviously well-chosen and showcases some fine rare beers to boot; particularly from the Boon cannon.



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