Wise children

Pink paint? What pink paint?

Not only do I teach at a college in Amsterdam, I give lessons to some Dutch children and, like many children, they come out with wise and/or perceptive gems. Here’s one which I thought would be good to share with you all:

Tessa (aged 4): Laura you look lovely today.
Me: Thank you Tessa. Did I look lovely yesterday?
Tessa: …..No.

This one is a little old, as the girl in question recently turned six, but it still makes me smile when I think about it.

Anyone have any other classics they’d like to share?

I should point out, the photo is not of the girl in the quote, but taken from www.shitmykidsruined.com which is a hilarious website where parents can send in photos of, can you guess? Yes, shit their kids ruined. It’s practically a form of contraception. There’s a pet version, too.



3 thoughts on “Wise children

  1. I used to work with kids. One boy (age 3) came in Monday morning and said “I went hiking this weekend. Hiking is when you walk on dirt.” I always chuckle about that one.

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