Superleuke high tea

Being in another country forces you to realise how much you enjoy (some of) the culinary fare from home – I think we may have mentioned this before. Call me crazy but I believe there are still a fair few people out there unwilling to give British food the credit it often deserves.

Tonight, feeling a little nostalgic, we recreated a taste of home. We started sensibly, with sandwiches – crusts cut off of course. One could not possible eat crusts



… because you need to keep room for the puddings:


Not quite as good as my mum’s scones, but still a pretty tasty treat. If you’re ever in England with a chance for a cream tea, this is what you should be served, along with pot of tea. (Try to make sure it’s clotted cream – there’s nothing quite like it. And it’s impossible to get over here.)

And if that weren’t enough we also had some pretty tasty brownies:


Along with big mugs of tea, of course. We’re English, don’t you know.


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