Café De Koe

The Cow Café is minutes from Leidseplein, so there is no excuse for going to one of the four Irish bars on Amsterdam’s brightest square.


Thankfully, the cow theme is minimal and only maintained by some bull horns protruding from the bar wall. Speaking of decor- the aluminum wall panel behind the bar is inexplicable and tasteless. Please remove. The other walls support interesting ‘Warholesque’ art.


For the price, the food is decent. Expect hearty and heavy meals, and for €15 for a main, it’s hard to do better so central.


Venue: 7/10

Split level bar area provides more space than the typical Dutch bar whilst maintaing a cosy, wintery feel. The restaurant downstairs is altogether different and just as homely.

Beer: 6/10

Stocking La Trappe Isid’or demands a visit to the cow all by itself, and there are 16 others of you have no taste-buds to look after.


2 thoughts on “Café De Koe

  1. You should come to Tilburg to visit the La Trappe brewery. It’s wonderful when the weather is warm (and it seems to finally be getting that way) as there’s a huge terrace where you can taste all of the different La Trappe beers. They also have bitterballen 😉

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