De Brabantse Aap


On the Spui, central Amsterdam, you can find a very recently renovated De Beiaard branch, of which there are four scattered around the Netherlands.


The renovation is tasteful and carries a lot of cosy, gezellig, charm, despite how new everything is, apart from these beer bottles of yesteryear:


There are ten or so beer taps and, judging by the acridity and reluctantly increasing ullage of my Brugse Zot, this is perhaps a few too many to maintain quality across the range.


The layout especially favours small groups and, which is rare, caters very well for patrons visiting alone, who can benefit from the installation of a viewing shelf and stools along the window. There is also conservatory space, so the people-watching opportunities are rife.


Venue: 8/10

Recently refurbished tastefully.

Beer: 8/10

Very wide and strong selection, with a laudable focus on local and seasonal brews.



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