De Haven van Texel

Apreciating the limited audience on Texel island (population: 13,617), the Texel Brewery prudently operates a flagship brewpub in Amsterdam.


The Zeedijk area, somewhere between Centraal Station and the Red Light District, is crowded with excellent and historic pubs, so Haven van Texel has carved out a niche with the best Texel Brewery beer on tap anywhere in Amsterdam.


Presently, it looks like Christmas shat all over the interior. Normally, their is a gezellig chthonic ambience, with the bar and restaurant areas tastefully divided by a hanging mezzanine floor. The furnishes are quintessential ‘brown bar’, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.


Geographically, De Haven van Texel sits on the northern edge of the Red Light District and as the name suggests, offers a haven from the more rowdy debauchery around the corner.

IMG_9611We didn’t eat anything here, apart from some standard borrelnootjes, but the gentleman at the bar ordered a fish dish that certainly smelt and looked delicious.

Venue: 5/10

Cosy without being homely.

Beer: 6/10

Good choice from the Texel brewery, lacking in depth though.


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