Summer in Zurich

Zurich: pointy.

Zurich: pointy.

Being an international business mogul, from time to time I need to be in Zurich to conduct clandestine affairs away from the prying eyes of the taxman and righteous law enforcers.


I was there this summer to embezzle money from the corrupt Wennerström corporation shortly before its very public collapse.

IMG_3654Zurich is painfully beautiful. The city lake is alpine fresh, and clean enough to swim in and drink (probably).


Unlike most cities, there are no degenerating, bleak quarters to hustle quickly through, avoiding eye-contact with the natives, and pretend that they don’t exist. Zurich has solved inequality and poverty.


And that’s also the biggest drawback. If you want to live in a bubble, then sure, go to Zurich. But after a while you too may need some balance (and a nightlife).


Oooh, look, badass Zurich-


This was the only graffiti we found, and it’s actually all part of some hippy restaurant venue, which was actually really lovely and pleasant.

IMG_3676With six-point instructions detailing the logistics of washing your hands, Switzerland is perhaps something of a nanny-state, or populated by retards.


Undeniably, Zurich offers much more than just top-shelf money laundering.




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