A few in Norway

There are few easier places to photograph.


But at a price: 23 Euros for two beers. But as the Norwegians always say, “If there’s a more expensive way to do something: do it”.


Living in Amsterdam, anything with hills great.



A personal highlight was Oslo’s spanking new opera house (Operahuset).



There would be more photos if it weren’t so dam cold.


The ski jump looks formidable.



8 thoughts on “A few in Norway

  1. I work with norwegians and they’re always telling me that I have to visit their country, and I’d love to! But… 23 euros for two beers!!! If I do it, I’ll keep telling to myself that it’s the best beer in the world.

    Great photos!

  2. I will definitely visit Amsterdam someday and what better introduction to the city than through the eyes of someone who lives there. Norway? I don’t know!

  3. I just got back from Norway and the mountains were beautiful! I also enjoyed a 36€ pizza – luckily it was paid for as part of the study trip, but phew, what a price!
    You have some great pictures, I’d love to visit Oslo next semester (plus I still have a 100 kroner note which isn’t worth getting changed back)

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