The Eleventh Commandment

Thou shalt always drink good beer. Probably.

Het Elfde Gebod (The Eleventh Commandment) is another gem from Tim Skelton’s “Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers”.

I settled in on a rainy night to wash down a book with some fine beers. This was a Monday, so was quiet, cosy and perfect for holing up in. If I’d wanted a conversation, the bar keep had an affable vibe as he stood peacefully sipping a strong stout. Around the corner from Centraal Station and numerous hotels, I imagine he regularly offers the friend-for-a-night service.

There’s no website as such, which leaves me to tell you there are around 70 Belgian beers to chose from. I was hasty and ordered Chimay once I saw they were serving this on tap. As it happens, I’ve been to the tiny town of Chimay in Belgium, so it comes with some authority when I say they do a great job of maintaining this complex, classic Trappist beer.

Zeedijk is renowned for old-world-y Dutch beer bars and you can’t go far wrong. If Belgian beer is your thing, you should probably try this one first. It is also far larger than it looks and more suitable for groups than its’ neighbours.


Venue: 8/10

Easy location, cosy people watching window seats, affable vibe and a strong, characterful decor, this is a fine all-round Dutch bar.

Beer: 9/10

70+ Belgian beers says more than I ever could.


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