In De Wag

More than 300 candles light your evening in the former gatehouse on Nieuwmarket.

If you want to go somewhere that looks and tastes more expensive than it is, In De Wag is ideal.

The Dutch chicken (whatever that is) was complemented by a lekker plum chutney and the crispiest of pancetta. The burger was only OK, whilst the tagliatelle was a very fine standard: the walnuts offsetting the spinach and smoked ricotta perfectly.

The staff tried to fob me off with a sour tasting Jopen Bok Beer, assuming I was a tourist and a simple “That’s how it should taste” would suffice. But I’m not and it shouldn’t. Gratefully, they Ciney is kept rather well and was also scratched off the bill.

A free mouthful!

In De Wag is a fine example of how good Amsterdam can be so close to the typical gash tourists gravitate towards. The Red Light District backs onto Nieuwmarkt, yet seldom frequented compared to the much, much worse Damrak.


Venue: 7/10

The building is quite obviously stunning and very unique. However, this is set out to be a restaurant, and one could not pop in for a classy brew or while away the hours.

Beer: 4/10

A few good beers, but nothing special.



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