‘t Loosje

Continuing the pilgrimage thorough “Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers” brought us to the charming ‘t Loosje resplendent with tiled murals.

The original, and some say best, Trappist beer.

A well-stocked split-level bar, ‘t Loosje is but one of a clutch if great bars on Nieuwmarkt and offers unobstructed views of the old gate house and plenty of people to watch.

Despite backing onto the Red Light District and Chinatown, minutes from Centraal Station, the Nieuwmarkt area is proudly ‘real Amsterdam’, and gives no clues that prostitutes and, worse, souvenir shops, operate meters away down the side alleys.

Venue: 8/10

Obvious charm and well maintained. The decent outdoor summer seating a Nieuwmarkt view take this up a level.

Beer: 7/10

Solid all-round selection

Entrance to Chinatown


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