Café-restaurant Amsterdam

I really wanted to like this place. An old pump house tastefully restored as a kooky bar and resplendent restaurant overlooking a canal. On paper, it’s all there.

We visited on the back of Tim Skelton’s, normally impeccable, recommendation in Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers. Tim: a few bottles of Westmalle in the larder does not make a beer pub. The De Koninck on tap was soapy, the normally excellent Texels Skuumkoppe flat.

But none of that was as bad as the food. Granted, I opted for bar food fare, but the burger was a sorry, re-heated rubbery wad of gelatinous banality. Which cost 12 Euros. The pesto pasta was distinctly meh.

The building is spectacular and vacuous, which also drains the atmosphere. Without any music playing and very few customers, like with our visit, the room is eire and echoey.


Overall, Café-restaurant Amsterdam probably isn’t worth the cumbersome commute.


2 thoughts on “Café-restaurant Amsterdam

  1. Thanks for the feedback (and for the generally nice comments about my book). Sorry to hear the Amsterdam has gone downhill – unfortunately it happens to cafés sometimes. Sounds like a candidate for ejection from any future edition.

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