Following on from an earlier recommendation in Around Amsterdam in 80 Beers (Gent aan de Schinkel), we went to Kilimanjaro to try the lauded Abay Ethiopian Beer, brewed locally by one of the best breweries in town- De Prael.

To our dismay, they don’t offer Abay anymore. So we plumped for another excellent local brew- Struis from the Brouwerij ‘t Ij.

We had the good fortune to eat at Im Herzen Afrikas in Frankfurt. The African food there is so good that we have struggled to be impressed by other imitators- the bar now set too high! Whilst Kilimanjaro was sadly not quite there, some aspects were very, very close, such as the gooey red lentil thing (Misir Wat).

There are some exotic meats on the menu, like antelope and crocodile, but we opted-out on the logic that it must be frozen to be shipped over so it probably won’t be amongst the better antelope you could eat…Yeah I already regret this logic! I blame the Struis (9% vol.!).


Kilimanjaro is a bit on the dingy side, but the food is hearty, homely and a league above Abyssinia on the Overtoom.

Venue: 2/10 (7/10 as a restaurant)

Not at all a bar or even a beer bistro, it seems unfair to judge by the same criteria.

Beer: 3/10

Only a few to choose from, but anything by the Ij brewery is a solid choice.


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