New King

The king of Chinatown. According to The Guardian’s excellent review anyway (here). They *painstakingly* compiled a shortlist of just 10 restaurants that best represent Amsterdam’s growing fine-dining scene, and New King is the sole Chinese representative.

By far the cheapest on the shortlist, New King was a no-brainer.

The crispy duck roll bathed in a saucy sauce was a highlight- until the mains arrived.

We plumped for the trademark crispy duck (top) and szechuan chicken (below). It’s very hard to say who won this course.

Nothing about the street in front of New King gives away the treats inside. If we hadn’t read The Guardian article, we would have missed this gem too.

Oh, and the portions are HUGE. We easily had enough food for three hungry people.

Definitely has a high-class atmosphere about it.

Plenty of other people know about this great restaurant; we managed to get a table straight away (perhaps as we were there at 17:30) but as we were leaving there was a queue spilling out of the door and we heard a waiter say “We’ll have a table for you in 40 minutes.” Our advice? Go early or make a reservation.


3 thoughts on “New King

  1. Indeed yes it’s a fave of mine too – one of the few places in Amsterdam that I keep returning to. Did you do so well anywhere else here eating out??

    • There are countless excellent culinary options in Amsterdam. Sure, it used to be bad and the indiginous food is limited, but it’s a trite old assumption that the restaurants are awful. The pizza at La Perla is excellent (especially the artichoke, olive and capers topping), as is the tapas at La Oliva. Off the top of my head, maybe try Envy, De Struisvogel, Roots, Roos & Toos, Pieminister (although that one’s British ;-)), De Zagerij, Casa Peru. Let us know how it goes 🙂

      • I’ve been to Envy which I find overrated and leaves you hungry, the others will put on my list but interesting that some are not Dutch owned haha.

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