DoeDeMee is an art project which has a bigger purpose: to help fight illiteracy. A worthy cause; everyday I take for granted the easy access I have to the characters, images and worlds encased in literature.

They’ve redesigned the 100 book covers of The Observer’s greatest novels of all time using 100 artists from 28 different countries.

The website explains:

The result is not only a unique cross-section of contemporary trends in design and illustration, it is also a wonderful collection of posters that has you contemplating on those great reading moments we as literate people often take for granted.

If you head over to the website, you can flick through the whole gallery, but here are some of my favourites.

Wuthering Heights redesigned by Lara Crow

As so many artists and different books were involved, there’s a visual smorgasbord for you to explore. If you really like them, you can purchase them and some of the money will go towards fighting illiteracy. Crackin’.

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde redesigned by Sandra Monat

To Kill A Mockingbird redesigned by Paul Boardman

Brave New World redesigned by Mark Alastair

Robinson Crusoe redesigned by Dima Boulad



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