My name is Laura and I am a bibliophile

There. I said it.

I love pretty much everything about books. What they contain, how they look, smell, feel. I like looking at bookshelves, spending time in libraries and book shops. I think my ideal job would be a book critic or an owner of a book shop. I have hopes of living in a house with a dedicated library that has shelves right to the ceiling and one of those amazing old-fashioned ladders which can move along the stacks. I was always jealous of Belle in Beauty and The Beast. I’d tell him I loved him if it meant I would get that bitchin’ library.

Due to our shared love of reading, Callum and I have decided to set up a new blog, devoted solely to working our way through one of those ‘must read’ book lists. None of the reviews have actually been written yet, so there’s no lovely content to share, so instead I’m going to devote this post to my favourite book of all time: To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve already written a review of the book, which you can find here, so this post is literally about showing how wonderful one of my copies of the text is (I own three).

The cloth cover with illustrations by Aafke Brouwer

If you’ve never heard of the Folio Society and you like books, then I suggest that you have a look at their website and get ready to find new editions that you have. To. Have. NOW. (A particular favourite of mine is their edition of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale.) My edition of Mockingbird was a birthday present, which others are not allowed to touch. Especially if they haven’t washed their hands.

The lovelies keep on coming…

I’m not always in favour of adding illustrations to books; I like relying on my own imagination to conjure up the settings and faces of the plot but these really add something to the text.

The Ewells’ house

Atticus on guard duty

Helen Robinson when she learns of Tom’s death



13 thoughts on “My name is Laura and I am a bibliophile

  1. My name is Ryan, and I am a bibliophile too. This is my favourite book of all time (also one of my favourite films) and that edition looks beautiful. I’ve never seen that one before. I just have the standard paperback at the minute. I really want one of those libraries too, but I’d be more Gene-Hackman-as-Lex-Luthor than Belle 🙂

  2. He-Who and I are both bibliophiles. We have one room full of tall bookshelves filled with our favourites. It is a small room, they are crappy bookshelves but, we love the books.
    Thanks for stopping in on my blog.

  3. I miss Amsterdam. Lived there for five years and loved every minute of it. If you have the time to review or even briefly check out my first collection of short stories. I would love to know where my strengths lie.
    and my up and coming Novella, a spiritual memoir, ends in Amsterdam! That should be ready in a week’ish.Just self-publishing for now and trying to get some attention.Thanks

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