Artis Royal Zoo

One of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam (second most popular according to the adverts) is the zoo. Surprisingly big for a zoo in the middle of rather small capital city, it’s very easy to spend a whole day there. Here are some highlights from the two visits we’ve had there…

When one of the animals has a wee, you have to take a picture. It’s practically a law.

We were lucky for our first visit, there were lots of baby animals there, including Simba

The red ruffed lemur monkeys are free to get pretty close to you

There’s also a large aquarium, which is one of the places you can visit on Museumnacht.

Awesome starfish

Our camera battery died before we could take any pictures of Mumba, the baby elephant, so here’s one we took from the Artis website:

“Don’t talk in rank, it’s against regulations”

The butterfly house is pretty big, with lots of different types of flutterbys to keep you interested in the humid temperatures

That’s quite a tongue you’ve got there

This isn’t a man in a gorilla suit, but it really looks like it

Always a favourite, we spent some time watching the penguins…

Penguin boyband

There’s also quiet spaces in the zoo, including picnic spaces and gardens.

Ahh…. zen


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