Lolita Bakery

When you think of Barcelona, there are probably a few things which come to mind and I doubt that ‘cupcakes’ is one of them. By pure luck, we found a place that might change that…

Lolita Bakery. Please note: cupcakes not actually made by Nabokov’s child protagonist.

The sign that says: “Come, come see what tasty treats lie within…”

Drawn to the place simply because of the (effective) cupcake sign, we discovered a treasure trove of beautiful baking goods:

Along with plenty of gorgeous-looking cakes. Now, which one to choose?

I can only have one? What, one of each flavour?

Our choices:

Vanilla and blueberry and red velvet

Callum won this round, as his vanilla-blueberry combination was scrumptious. The red velvet icing was quite cream cheesy which I didn’t mind, but there was rather a lot of it.

There are two Lolita sites in Barcelona and we found the second by happy coincidence. Knowing it would be rude not to, we begrudgingly bought two more cakes.

Vanilla and raspberry and vanilla and blueberry

I’m pleased to report the vanilla and raspberry was just as good as its blueberry counterpart.

In conclusion: when you’re in Barcelona, visit this bakery and be prepared to make some tough choices, or gain some holiday pounds…


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