Or as it’s officially pronounced, ‘Baaarcelooooonaa-a-a-a-ah.’

The Netherlands is pretty but you need decent hills to get views like this

Thankfully there are handy escalators to help get you up those hills

More photos


More glorious views

View from the cable car

As you can tell from the pictures, the weather was just awful. How we managed to have a good time is a mystery.

Some of our tapas. We were so hungry that we’d eaten most of it before we realised we hadn’t taken pictures.

Yummy yummy olive oil

We’ve seen many ‘living statues’ but this guy was really good, he fooled both of us.

So many blue skies, such hardship…

Barcelona’s Arc de Triomf

Incredibly elaborate shoe shop display

More lamp-post architecture

Parc Güell (I think Gaudi inspired Dr. Seuss – Laura)

Views from the park

A shot from inside one of the most confused bars ever. It’s called ‘Obama’ and has a British-African colonial theme.


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