It’s the law

When strawberries are discounted in the Netherlands there is a law* which states they must be eaten with some type of pancake or you face 25-30 years in jail. What else was I to do apart from follow orders?

The poffertjes come with a little sachet of powdered sugar and a tab of butter. Very considerate of them.

Two minutes later…

*Insert Homer Simpson drooling noise here*

Some of you may be aware that we do enjoy worshipping at the holy pancake altar once in a while and today I opted for poffertjes. An excellent choice if you feel like eating a dozen pancakes but know that you would fail miserably/throw up before getting half way.

These are my kinda strawberry fields

I went for the holy trinity of toppings: strawberries, powdered sugar and melted chocolate.

Due to their handy size, you can fit a lot of them in your mouth at a time. This means that it takes less than a minute to demolish an entire plate of them. And they’re completely devoid of calories**.


*Not actually a law.

** 26 calories in each poffertje


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