La Oliva

Originally we headed to the Jordaan area of Amsterdam to eat at an Afghanistani restaurant we’d had on our possibilities list for a long time. But it was shut. So after a quick detour and a brief glance at the menu, we had a new winner: La Oliva.

Just one look at their website will give you some indication of the culinary delights we were faced with. We chose to have a three-course dinner but you can also sit at the bar and order smaller portions, tapas-style.

We shared a starter, opting for the wild boar stew, with pancetta crisp and poached pear.

This. Was. Good. And by good, we mean excellent.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it ridiculous when TV cooking programmes talk about how meat can ‘fall apart’ and ‘melt like butter’. But this did exactly that.

For the main, Callum opted for quail and I went for the fish… While both were really delectable, I think we agreed that I won that round.

Sea bream with plenty of delicious vegetables. Oddly healthy for me…

Callum’s quail and lentils, yum yum. (The carrots tasted strange though…)

We were already pleased with the food when we decided to be naughty and share a tiramisu (I know, we’re wild).

In case you’re wondering… yes, we managed to eat the whole thing. Because we’re troopers.

The food was a little more expensive than most of the places we frequent but it was all worth it. Next time I think we’ll go back at lunch and try a few of the smaller, delicious-looking offerings.

Drink anyone?

In short, we recommend that you go, dine, drink (and order the tiramisu).



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