Wheelie good bikes #1

Apologies for the pun, but I’d already used ‘on yer bike’ in a previous post. This series of posts will highlight the brilliant, broken and… bisexual(?!) bikes I spot in the brilliant city of Amsterdam. (I think the bisexual criteria may be hard to fulfil but it was an interesting ‘b’ word to choose.)

This first example was parked alongside a canal (where else??) and certainly helped to brighten up this little piece of the ‘dam.

Flowers are a popular choice of bicycle accessory, some people play it safe with on a couple of clip-on roses, whereas others go the whole hog and transform their bike into a moving jungle. I liked this one because the owner has decided to shun a theme and chucked on whatever the hell they liked.

Note the spoke beads: if you grew up in the UK you may remember getting these free in Kellogg’s cereal boxes. Ahh, the 90s.




2 thoughts on “Wheelie good bikes #1

  1. What fun that you popped over to All Mussed Up and are following along! Always fun to find other bloggers wading through the three B’s in your epic byline (especially the last B). (:

    My last bicycle was a tropical paradise on wheels, and I miss it terribly. I’m afraid my current ride is a pared-down fixed-gear in need of a little bling.

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