Roots- Best Mussels in Amsterdam?

Weed, Red Light District, Anne Frank, canals, cheese, tulips, orange… and mussels.

Probably one of the less famous Dutch exports, but certainly not the least. Zeeland mussels are world revered, and Roots collects them fresh from Ijmuiden, just west of Amsterdam.

Herby, buttery goodness.

In fact, all of the ingredients used at Roots are Dutch: the bread, cheese (well, obviously), meat, mustard and… the wine.

Can’t remember exactly what this was. Some kind of Dutch sushi by the looks of things.

I think Laura won with her stew, as the rissotto was not excellent, but that was my fault for ordering the vegetarian option at a fish restaurant.


Note the shadow of the encroaching, thieving hand…

Overall we would like to recommend Roots. One of those places that looks more expensive than it actually is, you can take a date here, don’t let her see the bill, and exude a rich playboy attitude, on the cheap.


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