Toos en Roos

Toos en Roos is a cute little cafe on one of de 9 straatjes in the centre of Amsterdam. In typical Dutch style, the inside is relatively small with as many tables crammed inside as possible and the obligatory outside seating too. This close-quarters dining means that you can be nosey and check out what everyone else ordered…

Note the blankets they have provided. Even when it's cold, the Dutch will sit outside.

Drawn there because of the promise of pumpkin soup which Callum was eager to have fulfilled, I was feeling a little under the weather, but this place proved to be an excellent cure.

Callum's coffee

Here is the pumpkin soup, flavoured with star anise. Callum was a fan of that pairing, me… not so much, but it certainly looks appetising.

The national colour

We also ordered a side of bread and hummus. It was home-made so avoiding being bland like some hummus can be. We also got more bread than we could manage.

Huuuummmmmus. Yum.

My spinach “quiche” turned out to be more like a spinach flaky pastry pie, but that didn’t matter because it was bloody marvellous. I’d go back just to eat it again.

*Cue Homer Simpson-esq drooling noise*

The Dutch are yet to fully jump on the vegetarian bandwagon; most of the restaurants we’ve been to will have a couple of vegetarian options but they’re not always the most inspiring of dishes. However, everything we ate at Toos en Roos would be suitable for a vege and it was really good. There were also some delicious-looking desserts on offer but we were just too full to indulge.

Toos en Roos is slightly more expensive than some of its contemporaries we’ve visited in the past, but the quality you get for your money is definitely worth it. They even offer small tasters of their pumpkin soup with the sandwiches.

Its location is more than adequate too: canal-side, on the edge of a unique shopping area. There were some tourists, but some locals too and when the locals go there, you know it’s worth trying.



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