Cup a La Cake

Here in Holland the appeltaart (apple pie/tart) is king. I don’t think I’ve been to a cafe where it isn’t on the menu. It’s fairly common in bars too. As good as it is, sometimes you want something else. Something a little… cakier (definitely a word).

Two minutes from the Anne Frank Huis, there’s a little bakery with plenty of sandwiches and savory goodies… and cupcakes.

An excellent range of flavours await you: chocolate, coconut and vanilla, banana and chocolate, coffee… They also have two sizes (regular and mini) of every flavour, which means that if you’re having trouble deciding, then you can choose the mini cakes without feeling so guilty.

Which one (five) to choose....

Aside from the normal cupcakes, they also have cake pops. We are yet to try these so can’t give our opinion, but they look pretty awesome:

The Sugababes were in town and the cake men were very, very excited

Perhaps they look too good to eat? Nah….

Although this next cake was a contender, we (Callum: you decided!) decided it might have been a bit much for an afternoon treat…

On this particular occasion, we ended up chosing white chocolate and vanilla, red velvet and a carrot cake. Deciding we absolutely had to enjoy them with a nice cuppa, we carried them home (living in the centre has its advantages).

The big question is, which one first?

I’ll be honest, on this occasion, the cake was a little dense. We’ve had them before and they were nice and light. Perhaps it was because this time we were buying them on a Sunday and I doubt they had been baked that morning (the chef had been on a pretty heavy Heineken bender). The icing, on the other hand, was as delicious as ever.

Lady in reeeedddd...


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