The Energy Drink-off

Thirty nine cents can’t buy you a lot in the Netherlands. Apart from pure, weapons-grade, piss-coloured ENERGY.

So to that tricky philosophical question: which is better, ‘Stardon’ or ‘Booster’?

Look at them, standing there so proud.

Do you have a hard-on for Stardon? Or is Booster your king rooster? (Yeah, that second one was shit, I know.) Weighing in at an additional 97 calories, I presupposed that Stardon had sacrificed the nasty synthetic energy drugs for some cheap sugar kick, so I opted for the loudly emblazend Booster, leaving Laura to brave Stardom. (I think I have redeemed myself of the earlier pun now).

After an empirical experiment* Popper would be proud of, we can conclusively tell you they are both shit. Sometimes, I dare tender the precept, cheap imitations of succesful enterprises can be found lacking. This is certainly the case with the above ‘energy’ drinks. Stick to esspressos, not this gash. Plus esspresso can be embided with a continentally sophisticated swagger, whilst Booster and Stardom make you look like a tool.



*We both drank them as fast as we could.


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