Lef it out

There is a vast variety of cafes to choose from alongside the canals of Amsterdam. We have tried but a few of them as we are invariably drawn back to Lef.

In fact, we have both ordered the same sandwiches each visit. Four times in total. A tuna, capers, rocket, pickle and red onion ciabatta:


And a mozzarella pesto thing:

Dit is heel 'Leffer'


There’s something Dutch about this photo:

Sanne rode on defiantly despite Joost's proclamation that the triffids had returned

What would lunch be without some coffee…

Giant cup... or miniature cookie?




A great place for a quick lunch; the service is always speedy and we’re sure that the other sandwiches taste just as morish… but we need to try them first. And their brownies, they look gooood.

You can find the steepest stairs in the world in Lef on Wijde Heisteeg, in The 9 Streets.



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