This weekend I ‘ave been mostly eating…

…pancakes. Although I didn’t take a picture of this morning’s pancakes topped with banana and syrup, I do have a shot from a few weeks ago when Callum made me a bitchin’ breakfast:

Super healthy way to start the day. Maple syrup counts as a vegetable, right? It comes from trees, trees are a plant, therefore a vegetable. Excellent - 4 of my 5 a day!

I’ve also been smiling a whole lot; the sun has actually made a significant appearance this weekend.

This morning's view. I very nearly sang 'Oh What A Beautiful Morning' when I saw this. Luckily for my neighbours, I restrained myself.

You may have noted the ugly, amateurish graffiti on the bridge. It was an unfortunate by-product of the canals being frozen over and has ruined the view from our house. *shakes head in disgust*

Flowers are also appearing through out the city; these tulips have sprung up in my house over the past couple of days…

Tulips in Amsterdam

I’d love to say that I grew them myself but I didn’t even buy them, they were a present 🙂

I’m very excited about the prospect of spring/summer: warmer weather, longer days, drinking beer outside (the Dutch LOVE a beer outside) and just down the road one of the best ice cream shops is open again (post to follow soon). Only downside is that sunshine makes the tourists multiply like backpack-wearing, map-reading, sign-squinting rabbits who like nothing more than standing still in the middle of the pavements.

I also started a new book this weekend: Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson. I’ve only read 90-odd pages so I’ll withhold judgement until I finish it but I will say that I seem to have read the word ‘cedars’ 384 times already. Fingers crossed the rate of reference slows down a little, but seeing as it’s also included in the title, I’m not holding out too much hope.

Back to the food: I also whipped up a tasty dish of meatballs with vegetables..


And there goes the sun. Please let it come back tomorrow. Pretty please…



7 thoughts on “This weekend I ‘ave been mostly eating…

  1. I am so glad the sun has been out lately. Over here we are potentially looking at 60+ degree weather all week, with Tuesday over 70. The last few days I’ve gone out expecting to have to wear a hat and gloves and have been pleasantly surprised.

    Great presentation on those pancakes!

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