There was a dream that was Rome…

We did/did not choose the best weekend to be in Rome – depends on how you feel about snow.

Although he thought the snow pretty at first, Aslan began to feel quite chilly rather quickly

I don't remember this scene in the Italian Job...

Beer. Because it would've been rude not to.

The Godfather... and Marlon Brando

Two countries, one photo

At the Vatican

As a non believer, he will burn in hell for all eternity

Religion: a lot of hot air?

We had to walk up a huge lump in the ground to get to this view. I believe these large mounds are called 'hills'??

You're only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

Apparently there's a statue with the most bizarre-looking penis around here somewhere...


We were rather excited at this point. It's what you come to Rome for, isn't it? 20 postcards for ONE Euro?! Can't get that in Amsterdam.


8 thoughts on “There was a dream that was Rome…

  1. Makes me want to have some Italian food and great wine!! I was in Rome many, many moons ago and loved it. I didn’t love having to fend of pinching Italian men throughout Italy, though. Hopefully that pastime is now in the past time!

      • My friend got pinched by a ten-year old boy! Probably learned it from his older brother or father. Sigh. This was quite a few years ago, though, so hopefully things have changed!! And we were just two woman traveling together, no men.

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