Are Euthanasia and DNR the same thing?

In a previous post, I discussed Santorum’s questionable interpretation of Dutch culture. That is, his unashamed fabrication of data intended to villanize the liberal Dutch, thus appealing to his voters.

The above link is an msnbc clip that, although still shackled by an oppressive need to remain politically objective during an election season, is a nice rebuttal. They even interview a Dutch person for authenticity (take note Santorum).

Viewing the USA from the outside, it would be easy to think they are a collective of gullible, extreme characters, who agree with their politicians. I’m sure, however, this is simply a media bias, and that most United Stations think Santorum is a bit of a dick. I can empathise too; the UK is run by a fish with a condom stretched over his head, and in no way do his views represent the public at large.

On a side note, and as the title suggests, how far away is a ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ (DNR) order from euthanasia? Both are contractual agreements between a patient and medical professionals where, in desperately terminal conditions, this patient is allowed to die. The rest is just spin.

Canals and euthanasia: probably not the same thing.



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