Cheese Angels

Deep-fried sticks of cheese with a chili dipping sauce? Ooh go on then. Kaasstengels are served in many Dutch bars and although they appear humble, this gastronomical delight should not be easily overlooked.


I’ll admit, when I first read a menu description, my initial reaction was to question the pairing of cheese with sweet chili. However, after tasting them it quickly became apparent that this marrying of flavours is where the magic lies.

Beer: the perfect mate for a kaasstengel

Dutch food isn’t exactly known for its finesse; many a snack is thrust into a deep-fat fryer before being deemed worthy of consumption (more posts on other examples of such foods to follow). Yet withhold your judgement because the Dutch know what they’re doing. At a bar and want something to turn the paradisiacal pairing of beer and good company into a thrilling threesome? Just add deep-fried cheese sticks. Make it two portions. Then you can order more beer.


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