Brownies at a Coffeeshop

Currently hidden behind a mass of scaffolding (adorned with a large red neon heart- ahh, bless), Melly’s Cookies Bar is probably missing out on some foot traffic. Which is a shame. So maybe I can drum up some compensatory blog-traffic.

Now concentrate this time, Dougal. These are very small; those are far away...

If you tire of ogling the Dam’s phallus, or avoiding slow moving people on Kalverstraat, Melly’s offers a rich smelling, sweet tasting sanctuary, hemmed onto the back of De Nieuw Kerk.

I’m pretty sure the owner/guy who normally serves me, is Italian which, I’m told, counts for something in the coffee world.

Indeed, their coffee is rather good, but as the name suggests and the pictures above and below affirm, not the main vein of their business. Their brownies are some kind of deep dish variety yet moist throughout. That’s talent. And butter.

Something awfully witty.

South America sympathisers will be pleased to know that the Alfajores are heel lekker and they sell the gooey caramel-coloured filling in jars.

I wonder if anyone who initially started reading this because they thought it was about space cakes is still reading it.



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