The Netherlands consumes more coffee per head than 201 other countries. So there are options when it comes to satiating one’s caffeine cravings.

Enter: Kaldi.

I will openly admit that I walked past this place assuming it merely sold coffee making implements and paraphernalia, ooh, twenty times or so.

Benches and a blanket. It is winter, after all.

In addition to some very stylish and bespoke home coffee makers, they also serve up a decent coffee. Certainly good enough to warrant a post. And I would indeed be talking about said coffee, if it wasn’t totally eclipsed by a sublime (caramel) hot chocolate, enjoyed mostly by Laura.

Available in normal, dark, caramel and hazelnut, they exercise the same sort of craft that coffee shops usually only reserve for their coffee; hot chocolate being an after-thought to pawn-off to those non-coffee drinking weirdos.

Located on the corner of Herengracht and Wolvenstraat (on the 9 Streets), Kaldi is actually one of a small chain of franchised outlets, but still the only one in Amsterdam.




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