Move over Mary Berry…

Hidden in the labrynthic Jordaan area lies Chocolatl*.

This is not just any chocolate shop, this is the chocolate shop the posh M&S voiceover lady isn’t posh enough to lend her voice to.

Best wallpaper EVER.

We’re not actually going to talk about the chocolate, but rather the cupcakes. Oh sweet Jesus they are good. And small, so they’re diet food too.

I wish they were this big

In fact, they’re probably too small; they easily fit in your mouth whole. You can tell from the picture just how wee they are. But what isn’t conveyed in the photo is how soft and light the red velvet sponge is, how the cream cheese icing melts in your mouth and how much you’ll want to eat seven of the bloody things. They even have edible glitter sprinkled on the top to make them appear even more heavenly.

We think they actually source them from elsewhere in Amsterdam, but we were far too busy eating to expend energy on such trivialities as forging non-gustatorial memories.

OK, so they’re expensive (€1.75 for one tiny-sized morsel), but they’re all anti-slave. Probably. At the very least, they’re yummy.

Hazenstraat 25-A, 1016 SM Amsterdam

*Chocolatl is the Aztec name for a drink consumed by Aztec royalty around the time of first European contact. In case you, like Callum, were ignorant enough to assume it wasn’t a real word, just a stupid, made-up name for their shop.


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